Why do many big businesses or brands in fields such as finance, tourism, transportation, restaurants – hotels, consumer goods… have to spend hundreds of millions of dong on online advertising campaigns? VOV Traffic Ho Chi Minh City channel? It’s all due to the great efficiency that this channel brings to businesses.

Advertising VOV Traffic HCM: On January 2, 2010, VOV Traffic Channel officially broadcast in Ho Chi Minh City, covering neighboring provinces to a radius of 150Km. With over 20 hours of broadcasting per day, over 30% broadcast time (7 hours) updating rush hour traffic news, currently VOV Traffic is the radio channel with the highest traffic in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi

How much does it cost to Advertising VOV Traffic HCM at BVAD Agency once?

Compared to television advertising and other media. VOV traffic has quite reasonable prices, suitable for both small and medium businesses. Customers are invited to refer to the VOV traffic advertising price list below!

Advertising VOV Traffic HCM - BVAD AGENCY
Advertising quote for VOV Traffic Ho Chi Minh City










Cao điểm sáng06h30 – 09h0030s = 120 từ5,400,000Chiết khấu cao

Liên hệ

Cao điểm trưa10h30 – 12h00
Cao điểm chiều16h30 – 19h00
Ngoài cao điểm3,500,000
Cao điểm sáng06h30 – 09h0045s = 180 từ8,100,000Chiết khấu cao

Liên hệ

Cao điểm trưa10h30 – 12h00
Cao điểm chiều16h30 – 19h00
Ngoài cao điểm5,250,000
Cao điểm sáng06h30 – 09h0060s = 240 từ10,800,000Chiết khấu cao

Liên hệ

Cao điểm trưa10h30 – 12h00
Cao điểm chiều16h30 – 19h00
Ngoài cao điểm7,000,000

How to measure advertising effectiveness on BVAD Agency for a business.

Measuring radio advertising effectiveness is informed by reports from VOV Traffic Channel. Along with recording customer feedback from the reception, customer care, and sales departments, businesses can provide 3 indicators about reach, impact, and feedback:

  •       Regarding access index: VOV GT Ho Chi Minh City radio channel measures the number of audiences accessing the channel at each time and in which frame it is broadcast. The measurement is based on the channel’s signal receiver.
  •       Regarding impact index: This index shows how effective the message is after listening to the transmitted content.
  •       Regarding response index: Businesses can collect from the number of orders through the hotline or through discount and coupon programs introduced through television or radio.

Why should you choose BVAD Agency channel as your advertising booking unit?

To have a good and attractive advertisement on VOV traffic channel in Ho Chi Minh City is not simple. Coming to BVAD Agency, businesses will receive more than two common “services”:

  • Quote within 5 minutes
  • Free radio advertising strategy consultation and planning
  • Huge discount!
  • Receive urgent calendar entry during the day
  • Create attractive script content
  • Provide standard reading voice
  • Professional recording and dubbing

After ending the broadcast campaign, we will provide customers with complete acceptance documents including:

  • Broadcast certification (confirmed by the station)
  • VAT invoice
  • Minutes of acceptance and contract liquidation

In addition, besides booking radio ads effectively, paying attention to radio ad recording services is also extremely important!

Advertising on VOV Traffic Ha Noi at BVAD Agency under ButVangCorp  provides radio advertising recording services to help businesses save a lot of costs. Attracts a large number of listeners thanks to the musicality and attractive, easy-to-listen voice of the station’s announcer/MC. Furthermore, the incentive program for businesses has “huge” advertising policies, VOV Traffic channel supports “free” advertising recording services.


Consulting on Booking Advertising services on VOV Traffic channel in Ho Chi Minh City

Contact now: BVAD AGENCY

Hotline: 0929 25 7557

Email: Kinhdoanh@butvangcorp.com

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