Currently, electronic newspapers receive a lot of visits from viewers, attracting a large number of readers’ attention. When wanting to find out any information, both domestic and foreign, many people will look for reputable electronic newspapers to read. A newspaper that creates credibility among readers will have great influence. And booking PR articles is one of the forms of advertising that brings effective communication to the brand.

Reasons why businesses should book on online newspaper advertising?


1. Increase brand coverage and awareness

In the current era, the internet covers life, appearing anytime, anywhere. People use the internet for many different purposes such as studying, working, entertaining, … and including reading newspapers. Online newspapers have many advantages over paper newspapers, so the number of visitors to online newspapers to view information is chosen by many people

2. Ability to reach high-potential customers

People who visit to read the news will easily see the PR article appear. Customers in need will click on the PR article, electronic newspaper to learn about the product. From here, the reader arises the need and becomes a customer of that product/service. The more people who see the PR article, the higher the likelihood of reaching potential customers. For highly reliable mainstream online newspapers, customers will trust more than other sources of information

3. Increase the effectiveness of promotional campaigns

When the brand is covered in all newspapers and reaches many potential customers. This means that product sales also increase, bringing revenue to the business. Therefore, it can be said that booking PR articles for online newspapers is one of the forms of advertising that businesses need to choose.


Reputable newspapers booking ads on online newspapers advertising
Reputable newspapers booking ads on online newspapers

So how to get detailed advertising quotations of reputable and official newspapers quickly and accurately? Quite simply, it’s through the agency. A professional agency will have a summary of quotations of all types of reputable newspapers today.

BVAD Agency specializes in booking PR articles for online newspapers at high discounts

BVAD Agency is currently a partner of more than 300 mainstream and highly reputable newspapers. When booking PR articles through BVAD Agency, businesses will have the following benefits:

  • Save a lot of time from ideation to implementation
  • The staff at BVAD Agency have professional knowledge as well as many years of experience in the field.
  • There will be a multi-dimensional view that offers many appropriate strategies. Minimize many risks in the process of making a strategy. 
  • The cost of developing and maintaining a marketing team costs a lot. Coming to BVAD Agency, businesses will save costs as well as enjoy many preferential policies and high discounts.

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BVAD Agency is an agency under ButVangCorp’s ecosystem, a pioneering company combining Agency & Production House, specializing in providing total communication solutions for small and medium enterprises,… BVAD Agency is proud to bring a comprehensive communication system. sustainable value for thousands of brands. We are committed to creating and effectively integrating comprehensive communication strategies, optimizing revenue and costs.


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