How to contribute to educating, raising people’s knowledge, and serving the spiritual life of people living in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas, VOH station – People’s Voice of Ho Chi Minh City (FM frequency 99.9 MHz) has produced produce good, useful and professional radio programs.

Through its radio programs, VOH helps people access quick, honest information. VOH turns radio into a voice of hope, faith, and a bridge between the people and the state and authorities. Civilian issues such as the environment, urban areas, travel, startups, business, kindness… are broadcast quickly and promptly by VOH…

Impressive numbers for VOH

In 2017, VOH had a large radio audience rate, second only to VOV Traffic at 7.2%. With an impressive figure of 11.8%, it is enough to see the coverage and importance of VOH. Besides, based on 2013 statistics, the structure of VOH radio listeners is also considered as diverse as VOV Traffic. Specifically:

  • The proportion of radio listeners aged 15-30 is very high, up to 56.6%, while those aged 31-46 account for 25%.
  • The percentage of radio listeners often occurs in married people with a figure of up to 61.2%.
  • The majority of radio listeners are people with secondary school, college, or university degrees at a rate of 53.6%. They are usually intellectuals, students with a rate of 34.7% and workers with a rate of 27.2%.
  • Because VOH’s listeners are intellectuals or workers, according to statistics, most people with average and quite high incomes often watch VOH at a rate of 9.2% for income levels below 7 million VND/year. month and also 9.2% with income from 7 to 15 million VND/month
  •  Also according to 2013 statistics, the morning time frame of the day that most people listen to is from 5am to 7am with 47.31% and 7am to 11am with 40.46% or late at night from 9pm to 11pm with 40.52%.

With a large number of listeners, most of whom belong to the intellectual class, workers or students…, VOH is a channel that cannot be ignored if businesses want to reach these audiences.


VOH Radio Advertising
Advertisement on VOH channel

We respectfully send to our partners and customers the VOH radio advertising price list:

Choosing BVAD Agency to Book VOH Radio Advertising, Customers will receive:

  • Good and competitive discount rates
  •  Consulting on broadcast time frame
  •  Make a plan with advertising frequency suitable to your budget
  •  Received full broadcast certification

In addition, we also provide accompanying services. Specifically: Producing and recording audio advertising, Strategic consulting, Sponsoring programs – columns,…


To get a good discount for VOH Radio Advertising Booking Service, please contact:

Consulting on Booking Advertising services on VOH channels

Contact now: BVAD AGENCY

Hotline: 0929 25 7557


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