Nowadays, organizing press conferences, events, fairs, and exhibitions is no longer unfamiliar to agencies and businesses. The purpose of these events is to convey information to the general public, disseminating news about the business’s important events within a specific timeframe, and emphasizing timeliness.


Organizing press conferences is a method that businesses choose to connect with the media and the community. Individuals, organizations, or businesses hold press conferences for various purposes. However, most press conferences aim to achieve primary objectives such as: 

  • Launching or introducing the business’s new products, services, or programs.
  • Updating essential information about the business or refreshing the identity of existing products.
  • Announcing information and important news directly related to the business.
  • Managing communication crises, such as correcting misinformation and confirming details…

The role of organizing press conferences and exhibition

The organization of press conferences plays a crucial role as an effective marketing campaign for the company’s products and brand. The presence of the press and media outlets enhances promotional efforts significantly. These events serve to bridge the gap between the company’s products and the consumers, creating a ripple effect for effective dissemination.

Furthermore, organizing press conferences also enhances trust and credibility with customers and partners. Media coverage of business and product information spreads widely across social media platforms, fostering brand recognition. As a result, the public can easily access and update information swiftly.

The optimal time to conduct press conferences is in the morning, avoiding evenings, weekends, holidays, or Tet (Vietnamese New Year).  Because, if the event is held in the morning, press agencies can conduct news on the same day after the event


Organizing Press Conferences


The selection of which media outlets to involve should depend on the scale and nature of the event or news. After identifying the invited participants, the business needs to send press releases to various media organizations, entities, and individuals, and confirm attendance. A higher confirmation rate indicates the attractiveness of your event.

The reasons to choose BVAD Agency as a partner for organizing press conferences, events, trade shows, and exhibitions.

BVAD Agency takes pride in being a seasoned organization with years of experience in providing comprehensive advertising communication solutions. We assist in strategizing, crafting press releases, booking media outlets for participation, and disseminating event news to promote and build a brand image for businesses. Our extensive list includes major and niche publications across diverse industries, aligning with the themes and specialties of conferences and exhibitions. We swiftly and accurately capture information, ensuring timely coverage with immediate press releases during the event’s opening press conference.

  • Experience and Expertise: BVAD Agency boasts over 15 years of advertising experience across various industries and has delivered over 5,000 remarkably successful projects.
  • Reputable quality: BVAD Agency is committed to clear consulting, 24/7 support, on time, on time to deliver products, on-demand, at competitive prices to bring the best quality services to customers.
  • Team of Professionals:: We have a team of experienced, enthusiastic, uniquely creative and trendy staff.



BVAD Agency is an integral part of the ButVangCorp ecosystem, a pioneering company that combines an Agency and Production House, specializing in providing comprehensive communication solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. BVAD Agency takes pride in delivering sustainable value to thousands of brands. We are committed to creativity, efficiently integrating comprehensive communication strategies, and optimizing revenue and costs.

The images of BVAD Agency’s team at events, press conferences and exhibitions


Some Press Conference Reports Implemented by the BVAD Agency Team

Report Pre-show Propak

Report Onsite MTA Exhibition

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