Professional drone photography service in Ho Chi Minh City HCM

Flycam photography service is an extremely necessary and important activity in introducing products (real estate), project survey, construction project reports, video marketing  … contributing to promoting the brand more widely to the public as well as preserving memories as documents for businesses in the future.

Flycam photography service


“With over 10 years of experience in the Flycam service industry, we have collaborated with many large enterprieses and major corporations nationwide, including Vietnam CNG Petroleum Corporation, Licoghi 16 Construction Company, SeaDaNang Aquaculture, and Tôn Đông Á Steel,…etc. We own a team of enthusiastic photographers who are dynamic and well-trained in their field, bringing extensive operational experience to large-scale events. Coupled with state-of-the-art equipment, we promise to satisfy our valued customers.

The use of Flycam in filming extends to Corporate Films, providing a comprehensive overview of the entire factory area from an aerial perspective.


(“Commercial Film for Solar Power Plant” )

(“Utilizing Flycam Footage – Introducing BBQ Restaurant”)

With our drone photography service, clients will receive the most authentic and sharp images. The business message will easily spread to the community more quickly.

Therefore, we are always meticulously careful in each segment of the video. Prioritizing credibility, we are confident to bing the most captivating footage to our customers.



The types of drone photography are as follows:

Event Videography and Photography Services– Flycam.

– Flycam videography and photography for Real Estate and Construction projects.

– Filming and capturing photos for year-end parties, New Year celebrations, teambuilding events, groundbreaking ceremonies, and anniversary celebrations.

– Flycam videography and photography services for events, team-building activities, and extracurricular activities.

– Flycam videography for scenic landmarks.

Aerial photography for urban planning surveys.

360-degree photography and full panoramic VR services


(Aerial Photography for Real Estate – BVAD Agency).

In addition to our regular Flycam event photography and videography services, BVAD Agency has expanded its offerings to include comprehensive Flycam 360 services in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces. This is designed for customers who want to experience the most modern Flycam equipment at an extremely affordable cost. Clients will have the opportunity to experience the most advanced Flycam models available today.

Why should you choose BVAD Agency’s Flycam photography service?

  • We are proud to be one of the leading providers of flycam photography and video services in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • A team of photographers possessing in-depth knowledge, constant creativity, continuous innovation, a professional and careful working style, and a progressive attitude have made BVAD Agency a trusted partner for numerous businesses of all sizes nationwide.
  • The most advanced equipment on the market, regularly upgraded  to stay in line with the times, such as Canon 5D IV, Sony A7S3, Flycam Mavic 2 Pro, etc.
  • Reasonable and affordable cost

Aiming at the value and image quality of each product, BVAD Agency has become the top choice of many businesses. Now, we aspire to be your number one choice.


  • Image from Flycam

dịch vụ quay phim chụp hình Flycam

dịch vụ quay phim chụp hình Flycam

dịch vụ quay phim chụp hình Flycam

dịch vụ quay phim chụp hình Flycam


  • Flycam-Captured Video

As a long-time providers of Flycam videography and photography services, we understand that an excellent video must create a comfortable and seamless viewing experience, with smooth transitions. Scenes captured by Flycam often offer wide, expansive perspectives with many details, allowing viewers ample time to observe and process all the information.



Consultation on Flycam Videography and Photography Services

Contact now: BVAD Agency

Hotline: 08 1800 1952


Reference: ButVangCorp Profile


BVAD AGENCY helps businesses increase competitive advantage with integrated communication solutions.


08 1800 1952


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