Golf Driving Range Advertising Channel is a form of outdoor advertising that shows luxury and class for businesses. In Vietnam, there are many golf courses spread from North to South, attracting golfers from all over the world. The Golf movement is very popular, brands can advertise at golf courses to reach high-end customers with good incomes such as business owners, entrepreneurs, senior managers inside and outside the country. water.

Benefits of advertising at golf courses

  •       The brand can reach the high-end customer segment
  •       Reach close distance to customers
  •       Diverse domestic and foreign customers
  •       Raise brand level, increase reliability in the market
  •       Expand relationships with business partners

Some QC positions at the Golf practice field

  1. Advertising the entrance to the golf course

A form of advertising along both sides of the golf course entrance. The advantage of this form of advertising is that customers who have just entered the yard will have time to look and easily view the large billboards.

  1. Advertising at the end of the golf course

Type of advertising sponsorship in golf tournaments

Advertisements placed here are easily within sight of golfers, often following the path of the ball. Therefore, the advertising image will be repeated many times within the golfer’s view. The advantage is located at the end of the court, when players finish playing they will move to the end of the court to rest. Therefore, if the image design is impressive and eye-catching, the effect will be great.

  1. Advertising along both sides of the golf course and practice line partitions


Advertising form according to file line compartments

Ads can be placed across the entire field area, in close contact with golfers. The advantage is that it is easy to see and access throughout the golf course, which will help customers easily be impressed, remember the advertisement, stimulate curiosity and learn. However, the cost of advertising positions along both sides of the golf course and practice line partitions is quite expensive.

  1. Advertising on trams and polishing carts

This is a flexible form of advertising that can reach customers at close range and with continuous, flexible frequency between locations.

  1. Advertising hallways, elevators, and floor entrances

These advertising positions help businesses reach customers naturally. In narrow waiting spaces, the ad view rate is high. The location of corridors, elevators and entrances to floors means that anyone who comes to play golf must pass through these areas, so advertising will enter the players’ field of vision.

  1. Sponsored advertising during golf tournaments

Type of advertising sponsorship at golf tournaments

Almost all golf tournaments cannot lack this type of advertising. Sponsored advertising is usually Hole In One, Nearest To The Pin, etc. Therefore, knowing how to take advantage of this type of advertising brings very high brand recognition. Normally, before the golf tournament is about to start, there will be strong communication about the prizes and during the match, the sponsor’s backdrop will be prominently noticed by everyone participating in the tournament. This type of advertising brings positive communication to the brand very well.


Golf Practice Course Advertising - BVAD AGENCY
Hole In One sponsorship advertising type at Golf tournament

Consulting on advertising quotes at the golf course

It is known that advertising costs at golf courses will vary, depending on the customer’s goals, location, and how long they are placed. From there, there will be a specific price for the campaign.

For more detailed prices on advertising costs at golf courses, please contact BVAD Agency with hotline 08 1800 1952 for further support.

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Golf practice course advertising process at BVAD Agency

Step 1: Receive information and desired customer requirements

Step 2: Exchange advice, offer solutions suitable to customers’ wishes

Step 3: Make a detailed plan and send it to customers

Step 4: Sign the contract and deploy the campaign

Step 5: Monitor, supervise and accept

Why should you choose BVAD Agency to advertise your golf course for your business?

Experience and expertise: BVAD Agency has more than 15 years of experience in advertising activities for different industries and has brought +5000 successful projects.

Prestigious quality: BVAD Agency is committed to providing clear advice, 24/7 support, meeting deadlines, on-time product delivery, as required, competitive prices, bringing the best quality service to customers.

Staff: We have a team of experienced, enthusiastic, uniquely creative and trendy staff.

Post-purchase service: BVAD Agency is an agency under ButVangCorp’s ecosystem, a pioneering company combining Agency & Production House, specializing in providing total communication solutions for small and medium enterprises,… BVAD Agency Proud to bring sustainable value systems to thousands of brands. We are committed to creating and effectively integrating comprehensive communication strategies, optimizing revenue and costs.


Consulting on Advertising services at the Golf driving range

Contact now: 08 1800 1952


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