Currently, TV advertising still receives a lot of favor from the audience because of its outstanding advantages compared to traditional forms of advertising. Referring to TV advertising in the southern region, it is impossible not to mention Vinh Long TV advertising.

Latest THVL advertising price list

Vinh Long Radio and Television (with the abbreviated name is THVL), is a television channel broadcast for the population of the river region, with different regional cultural characteristics, attracting viewers by special programs.

Vinh Long Television specializes in synthesizing domestic and foreign entertainment programs, Vietnamese and Asian feature films, Taiwanese films, Korean films, Filipino films, Thai movies, Indian films and Hollywood movies, Gameshows, children’s programs, … THVL advertising price list is also very diverse prices, please refer to the detailed price list below.

Latest THVL advertising price list
The latest THVL 1 advertising price list


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The latest THVL 2 advertising price list
The latest THVL 2 advertising price list

With the message of friends of all families – bringing joy to every home, Vinh Long Television is increasingly investing in quality programs not only in the field of entertainment, dramas but also in the field of economics and politics, striving to become a broadcaster covering the whole country,  comprise:

  • THVL 1: A channel specializing in current affairs, political news, synthesis inside and outside the region
  • THVL 2: A useful cultural and social channel
  • THVL 3: A channel specializing in unique and attractive Asian feature films
  • THVL 4: A channel specializing in the fields of culture, tourism, and entertainment
  • THVL 5: Channel specializing in sports, attractive tournaments

Diverse, attractive content, receiving the attention of millions of viewers everywhere, advertising on THVL has been the choice of many businesses.

In addition, Vinh Long TV helps bring messages and information about products and services of businesses to a large audience of listeners, especially audiences in the Mekong Delta region that traditional forms of advertising cannot do.

Why should you choose BVAD Agency as THVL TV advertising booking partner?

Vinh Long TV advertising is one of the forms of advertising suitable to the financial ability and strengths of each business.


With a reputation of more than 14 years working in the field of communication, BVAD Agency provides customers with the most complete and accurate THVL advertising price list today with extremely preferential discounts.

  • Experience and expertise: BVAD Agency has more than 15 years of experience in advertising for different industries and brings +5000 successful projects.
  • Reputable quality: We are committed to clear consulting, 24/7 support, on time, on time to deliver products, on demand, at competitive prices to bring the best quality service to customers.
  • Staff: We have a team of experienced, enthusiastic, uniquely creative and trendy staff. 

BVAD Agency is an agency under ButVangCorp’s ecosystem, a pioneer company combining Agency & Production House, specializing in providing total communication solutions for small and medium enterprises, …BVAD Agency is proud to bring sustainable value to thousands of brands. We are committed to innovating, effectively integrating a comprehensive communication strategy, optimizing revenue and costs.


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