LCD Frame advertising is a form of indoor advertising to reach customer targets in a specific and focused way. Currently, many businesses choose LCD and Frame advertising because it increases recognition and coverage, helping effective marketing branding campaigns for businesses.

Let’s explore with BVAD Agency the optimal and effective ways to deploy LCD – Frame advertising campaigns.

What is LCD FRAME advertising?

LCD – Frame advertising are strategies in the field of brand communication. LCD screens, with their high display quality and interactive features, are a diverse, flexible medium, suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. It not only contains the advertising message clearly but also creates a unique interactive experience for customers.

Meanwhile, frame advertising is a combination of professional design and flexibility in changing advertising content. Frame is often used in interior environments: such as offices and stores, creating aesthetic advertising spaces and attracting attention. Both of these forms contribute to building and strengthening the brand image in an impressive and effective way.

Popular types of LCD Frame advertising today


  Elevator Frame LCD advertising screen

LCD -Frame advertising in elevators

Placing LCD – Frame advertising screens is considered a skillful brand promotion strategy, communicating continuously without causing discomfort or inconvenience. On the contrary, in a narrow space, customers can easily pay attention to ads and naturally remember the ads. LCD – Frame advertising is placed in school elevators, office buildings, apartments, supermarkets, hospitals, etc. Each elevator will have 1-2 LCD – Frame screens that broadcast advertising while moving the elevator.


  Wall-mounted Frame LCD advertising screen

Wall-mounted LCD screen advertising

LCD advertising screens – Wall-mounted frames are a popular form of digital outdoor advertising (DOOH). Placing wall-mounted screens in buildings, apartments, shopping centers, supermarkets, airports, etc. is hung in front of elevator doors or placed on walls in locations accessible to many people.


  Advertising LCD screen with stand

Type of vertical LCD advertising

Standing LCD advertising applies modern technology, has a vertical size, a metal base, has a speaker that emits sound, and some screens will be improved with touch. Usually placed in shopping centers, supermarkets, etc., it plays a role in enhancing the brand, conveying extremely vivid images and sounds, attracting an extremely significant number of visitors when deploying this form of advertising. this report.

All three forms of advertising are often used to attract attention from target customers. LCD technology offers variety and interactive features, while Frame advertising focuses on professional design and the ability to change content flexibly.

Why should you choose LCD – Frame Advertising service at BVAD Agency?


  • Experience and expertise: BVAD Agency has more than 15 years of experience in advertising activities for different industries and has brought many successful overall online marketing campaigns.
  • Reputable quality: We are committed to clear advice, 24/7 support, on time deadlines, on-time product delivery, as requested, competitive prices, bringing the best quality service to customers.
  • Staff: We have a team of experienced, enthusiastic, uniquely creative and up-to-date trends.
  • Post-purchase service: BVAD Agency is an agency under ButVangCorp‘s ecosystem, a pioneering company combining Agency & Production House, specializing in providing total communication solutions for small and medium enterprises,…We Proud to bring sustainable value systems to thousands of brands. We are committed to creating and effectively integrating comprehensive communication strategies, optimizing revenue and costs.


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