Program sponsorship is one of the activities of a business towards the public to build the image of the business through spending money on a radio program or column conducted by another organization.

Form of program sponsorship

Program sponsorship is a popular form of advertising. They are highly effective. In addition to lower costs compared to other forms of advertising, businesses sponsoring radio programs and columns also achieve many different goals and benefits. With this activity, businesses can convey messages more naturally and find greater opportunities to increase competitiveness by creating trust and promoting their image and reputation to the target market.


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Program sponsorship

Why should businesses choose program sponsorship?
Sponsorship activities have many distinct advantages; they bring many positive values:

  •       It helps businesses target the right target audience.
  •       It is an effective method to increase business recognition.
  •       It helps businesses shape customer attitudes.
  •       Create a positive response to the product or service.
  •       Create friendliness
  •       The image of the business will be more sympathetic, becoming closer to the public.
    Promote sales activities.
Program sponsorship – Category brings efficiency to businesses

So if your business is a program sponsor, what brand advertising benefits will it get?

Have the MC mention your name and thank the brand at the beginning and end of the program.

Sponsors are allowed to book product advertisements in the program at the most beautiful cut.

The sponsor’s products and brands are skillfully guided. Cleverly through alternating introductions with the program’s script. This helps listeners not feel bored while ensuring effective access to information.

Sponsoring a program – Radio section is an extremely effective form of advertising. With many years of experience and the opportunity to interact and work in this field, we have helped many businesses assert their brands and expand their customer reach through this form of sponsorship. Therefore, in the future, in addition to production and advertising booking services, we hope to continue to become a companion to businesses in promoting brand images through advertising ans sponsor the program/category.

BVAD commits to program sponsorship services – Radio categories as follows:

  •       Help customers choose good programs.
  •       Help with a free consultation 24/7.
  •       Customers choose a program with a large and suitable audience.
  •       Help customers produce attractive and impressive columns.
  •       Competitive service costs.
  •       Broadcast at times according to customer requirements.
  •       Fully track and report implemented data.

BVAD Agency – an agency under ButVangCorp’s ecosystem is a pioneering company combining Agency & Production House. With more than 14 years of experience working with central and local television stations, BVAD Agency is proud to optimize revenue and costs for thousands of customers.


Consulting on Radio Advertising Booking services – Program sponsorship

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