Recording switchboard greetings is one of the forms of advertising that businesses choose when thinking about automatic switchboard greetings. So which option is the best and most suitable call center greeting for your business?

Record telephone operator greetings:

  • It is a form of business promotion
  • Is the first door to receive customers, partners,
  • Helps businesses attract and make a first impression on their customers
  • However, not any greeting recording file can create good sympathy
Record switchboard greetings

Why should you choose BVAD to record switchboard waiting music?

Our switchboard greeting recording service was created to provide businesses with professional, easy-to-listen, friendly, and suitable greeting recording files for their type of business.

Each type of business needs a different recording of greetings, music arrangements, and different voices. BVAD Agency is a reputable address providing many standard, good, and professional voices. Coming to us, businesses can choose a good, suitable voice at an affordable price. Furthermore, you will also receive a perfect recording file from script, content to sound. Integrate cheerful, appropriate music and help businesses have a unique greeting recording. From there, the business will have a mark that cannot be confused with any other business.

Record Switchboard Waiting Music - BVAD AGENCY
Call center greeting recording service at BVAD Agency

With many years of experience in the industry and a team of professional staff and technicians. With the investment in modern equipment, we believe that choosing the call center greeting recording service will be an absolutely right choice for every business.

With the motto “Customer is king”, BVAD Agency is committed to providing customers with the best call center greeting recording service:

  • Free, enthusiastic consultation
  • Standard recording studio
  • Providing quality advertising recording services such as: recording switchboards, radio advertising…
  • Provides rich and diverse voices
  • Competitive costs

BVAD – Agency under ButVangCorp ‘s ecosystem is a pioneering company combining Agency & Production House, specializing in providing call center greeting recording services – Professional voice recording at competitive prices in the market.


Service consulting Recording switchboard greetings – Recording ringback music

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BVAD AGENCY helps businesses increase competitive advantage with integrated communication solutions.


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