The MEKONG FM channel advertising price list in 2023 will have a slight change compared to the MEKONG FM advertising price list in previous years. If you are still unclear about the details of the new changes, please contact BVAD Agency immediately with Hotline: 0929 25 75 57 for the best advice!

Introducing MEKONG FM 90MHz

MEKONG FM 90MHz is a special version of VOV Traffic for the people of the Mekong Delta with outstanding strengths:

  • Large number of listeners: FM MeKong covers the entire Mekong Delta. Serving nearly 20 million listeners in 13 provinces and cities in the Southwest region.
  • The program content is typical of the Southern region: Quickly and completely update information about the Southern region. Guests participating in the program are artists. Especially Cai Luong artists are loved by Southern people.
  • Programs are livestreamed on Facebook: Programs are regularly livestreamed on Facebook to help reach more social network users.
  • Mekong FM is trusted by people: It is a channel under the Voice of Vietnam with announcers with Southern accents, creating closeness and familiarity for listeners.

Preliminary content of some programs of FM MEKONG 90MHz

  • Useful information: Specific and practical instructions to improve people’s quality of life in the fields of Weather, Climate – Traffic – Market
  • Decorate the soul: Cultural and artistic programs are close and suitable for the soul of the Southern people.
  • Dear figure: Meet beloved characters, each character has a destiny, a story attached to the delta region.
  • Southern news: Current issues and news are closely related to the lives of people in the Mekong Delta.
  • Southern melody: Music with southern characteristics: Bolero, Cai Luong, ancient songs…

Please refer to Mekong FM’s broadcast schedule below with BVAD Agency

MEKONG FM channel advertising

Latest Mekong FM Channel broadcast schedule


Choosing BVAD Agency to Book MEKONG FM channel advertising FM channel, customers will receive:

  • Consulting on broadcast time frame
  • Make a plan with advertising frequency suitable to your budget
  • Super high discount
  • Received full broadcast certification

In addition, we also provide accompanying services. Specifically: Advertising production and recording, Strategic consulting…

To get good discounts for Radio Advertising Booking Services. Please contact us to receive the latest MEKONG FM advertising price list.\


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