Zalo advertising is a platform with 75 million active users. The Zalo app plays a crucial role in the daily lives of Vietnamese people, with an 86% usage rate. Thus, marketing on this platform will yield high effectiveness.

Zalo Advertising Services
Zalo Ads advertising reaches the right target customer

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Reasons to choose Zalo Ads:

  • Suitable for the Vietnamese market, suitable for all industries.
  • Ability to reach target customers.
  • A relatively new market with few competitors.
  • Offers diverse advertising formats suitable for various purposes and industries.

Popular types of Zalo Ads:

  • Zalo OA Advertising: Increases interest in Zalo OA.
  • Form Advertising: Collects information about potential customers.
  • Message Advertising: Uses Chatbox for 1:1 advice.
  • Website Advertising: Increases website traffic for businesses.
  • Product Advertising: Introduces products on Zalo Business.
Zalo Official Account (OA) Advertising for the Gas South brand

If your business is facing the following issues:

  • Products and services are good but have not reached potential customers.
  • Advertising hasn’t generated many leads – low conversion rates.
  • Unsure how to efficiently implement advertising marketing to reach target customers.
  • Competitors conduct highly professional marketing, expanding business to multiple branches.

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Benefits of partnering with BVAD Agency:

  • Free consultation support.
  • Fast and efficient assistance in approving advertisements and OAs.
  • Effective advertising campaign management and distribution advice.
  • Expert support to address issues and concerns.
  • Effective campaign planning, measurement, and reporting.
  • Zalo OA management, creative and unique content creation, PR.

Reasons to choose Zalo advertising services at BVAD Agency.


The BVAD Agency team
  • Experience and Expertise: BVAD Agency boasts over 15 years of advertising experience across various industries and has delivered over 5,000 remarkably successful projects.
  • Quality and Credibility: BVAD Agency commits to clear consultation, 24/7 support, meeting deadlines, and delivering products on time and according to requirements, all at competitive prices, ensuring the highest quality service for our valued customers.
  • Professional Team: Our team comprises experienced personnel who are passionate, creatively unique, and stay abreast of current trends.
  • Post-Purchase Services: BVAD Agency is an entity within the ButVangCorp ecosystem, a pioneering company that combines expertise in agency and production house, specializing in providing comprehensive communication solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. BVAD Agency takes pride in delivering sustainable value to thousands of brands. We are committed to creativity and effectively integrating comprehensive communication strategies to optimize revenue and costs.

Advertising Services Consulting Zalo Ads

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BVAD AGENCY helps businesses increase competitive advantage with integrated communication solutions.


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